Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oakland Council Backs a Tax on Marijuana

This is an example of how Medical Marijuana, Inc. can be a solutions provider in this industry.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Leaders of this economically hard-hit city are proposing to tax medical marijuana as a way to help close a record budget shortfall.

Oakland's City Council last week approved a 1.8% tax on medicinal marijuana sold in the city. If voters pass the proposal in a July election, Oakland would become the nation's first city to directly tax the drug, medical-marijuana advocates say.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cannabis University - Oaksterdam Now in Session

This is clear evidence that this business is going to grow. There are so many opportunities around the legalization of Medical Marijuana. I would like to take a class or even be a teacher in this field. Prohibition is going to end and those who are positioned to take advantage of a new emerging market will make a lot of money fast. Not to mention this could be the bailout everyone is looking for - Based on the Green stuff!!! Click the title for the complete story.

Eugene, Oregon Formally Recognizes Legal Medical Marijuana with Proclamation

The city of Eugene, Oregon has done something that few cities so far have had the courage to do; Eugene is commemorating Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program during a special week-long observance.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Medical Marijuana, Inc. @ Market Close Up 123.21%

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA.PK) began trading under the 10 for 1 split at $0.24. At the close of the market, it had traded over 1 Million shares and ended at $0.50. Anyone who saw this coming and bought early, should be incredibly happy with their gamble. And by the way this stock is moving they should "Let it Ride".

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: CVIV) to Begin Trading Tomorrow Post 10-for-1 Forward Split Under New Symbol MJNA

MARINA DEL REY, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 27, 2009 -- Medical Marijuana, Inc., formerly Club Vivanet (Other OTC:CVIV.PK - News), received today from NASDAQ its new symbol MJNA which will become effective April 28, 2009 at open of market including the 10-for-1 forward split. This means that anyone holding 1 share of CVIV today will own 10 shares of MJNA tomorrow.

The company also announced that the payment for spin-off of two of its subsidiaries, Club Vivanet Inc. (Florida) and MyNewPedia Corp (Colorado), share for share is today, April 27, 2009 based on a record date of April 13, 2009.

About the Company

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they appear in the emerging legal medical marijuana industry through an enhanced payment gateway introducing verifiable levels of enhanced security. A trend is in place that clearly indicates medical marijuana is quickly becoming a legal enterprise in need of various solutions in numerous areas.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Medical Marijuana Vending Machines

Combine this with the stored value cards of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and you have a great way to make everyone happy. Click on the title to hear the latest news about these vending machines.

King of Pot Marijuana Industry Radio Show Special

Medical Marijuana Inc. discusses the business side of Marijuana. This could open your eyes to a whole new industry of comapnies and jobs dealing with Marijuana that you might not have thought of yet. Click the link to listen. Check the stock market for the latest prices of the stock - (cviv)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who Wants To Pay Taxes? Cannabis Consumers Do!

An estimated 35-40 million cannabis consumers, joined by non-consuming anti-prohibitionists, are calling on the government this Wednesday, April 15 - Tax Day, to end 70-years of a failed prohibition, and replace it with logical alternatives to prohibition--such as actually controlling cannabis production, sales and use via taxation.

"Show Your Intent to Comply" Solution from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

MARINA DEL REY, CA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - Medical Marijuana, Inc, formerly Club Vivanet (PINKSHEETS: CVIV), announces the start of our national marketing effort to offer a solution for tax collection and payment to various Medical Marijuana dispensaries and collectives. Our initial efforts are mostly in California, but we are now signing Master Agent Agreements throughout the US in preparation for the movement.

Tax Remittance

One of the larger challenges facing dispensary/collective operators today is tax collection and payment. There is a constant assault on dispensaries regarding the State getting its proper tax on sales of medical marijuana.

A solution for this is now available with "Medical Marijuana, Inc" using a "Stored Value Card." This card is issued and loaded at the dispensary, or collective. The customer uses the card for all their purchases. At the point of sale, when the card is either swiped or entered into the computer, all the taxes are accounted for, separated, and placed into the dispensary/collective's sales tax bank account. At the end of the month, or quarter, they write a check from this bank account to the tax authorities. Simple, fast and complete. At this point, they are showing a major voluntary position of intent regarding tax collection and payment.

This system will also significantly aid the dispensary/collective owner with the accounting challenges they currently face with cash transactions. This will reduce some of the major headaches they face internally as well as satisfy the government that they are in compliance.

Medical marijuana requests climb sky high.

Dispensary owners report 50 to 300 percent rise since Obama took office.

The number of ailing people turning to medical marijuana to ease their symptoms has spiked this year, say dispensary owners in some of the 13 states where it's legal.

Requests have jumped anywhere from 50 to 300 percent, they say, since President Barack Obama took office and signaled that he won't use federal marijuana laws to override state laws as the Bush administration did. Others say the economic downturn may also be responsible as more people without insurance are seeking alternatives to costly medications.

In the past few months, marijuana co-ops, clubs, businesses and even lawyers who have advocated for looser Marijuana regulations say they've been inundated with requests for information and certifications that permit people to use marijuana for medical purposes.

About the Company

Medical Marijuana, Inc (currently undergoing a 1=10 forward split and symbol change to reflect its new name in the stock market) is positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they appear in the emerging legal medical marijuana industry through an enhanced payment gateway introducing verifiable levels of enhanced security. A trend is in place that clearly indicates medical marijuana is quickly becoming a legal enterprise in need of various solutions in numerous areas.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Formerly Club Vivanet (OTC: CVIV) Files Patent Application to Satisfy Governmental and Medical Marijuana Dispensary Needs

MARINA DEL REY, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 3, 2009 -- Medical Marijuana, Inc. formerly Club Vivanet (Other OTC:CVIV.PK - News) announced today that it filed a patent application for its invention, that potentially satisfies various governmental and the medical marijuana dispensaries' needs for tax collection in the medical marijuana industry.

Tax Remittance

Using this new invention, the "Point of Sale" System will recognize the dispensary's tax ID number and the tax rates for state and local taxes as well as provide "Automated Clearing House" (ACH) settlement of the taxes to the proper financial institutions. The state sales tax amount is sent to a database and at the end of the day all money in the sales tax database is cleared and posted through an "Automated Clearing House" (ACH) to the state and other appropriate governmental agencies for that day's collected sales tax. The remaining funds are sent to the dispensary's account or other designations.

The Company proudly introduces a Stored Value Platform System with a full slate of inter-active Financial Services made readily available through a patent pending delivery system, a Stored Value Debit Card.

This Stored Value Platform System will provide verifiable solutions for an inter-agency approach to manage the difficult task of Revenue and Taxation Collection for the Emerging Medical Marijuana Industry.

Taxability of Medical Marijuana Transactions

In February 2007, the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) issued a Special Notice confirming its policy of taxing medical marijuana transactions, as well as its requirement that businesses engaging in such transactions hold a Seller's Permit. According to the Notice, having a Seller's Permit does not allow individuals to make unlawful sales, but instead merely provides a way to remit any sales and use taxes due. BOE further clarified its policy in a June 2007 Special Notice that addressed several frequently asked questions concerning taxation of medical marijuana transactions.

About the Company

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (currently undergoing a 1=10 forward split and symbol change to reflect its new name in the stock market) is positioned to take advantage of opportunities as they appear in the emerging legal medical marijuana industry through an enhanced payment gateway introducing verifiable levels of enhanced security. A trend is in place that clearly indicates medical marijuana is quickly becoming a legal enterprise in need of various solutions in numerous areas.


Plastic debit cards or medical revenue cards are supplied to the Medical Marijuana Dispensary (or Collective/Co-op as they are legally designated in California). The customers of the dispensary are issued the closed loop "Stored Value Card" (SVC). This "Stored Value Card" (SVC) is loaded for the customer by tendering cash to the Dispensary clerk. The Dispensary clerk will load up the new card for the customer using the "Point of Sale" (POS) System which will also recognize the dispensary location, as well as tax rates for the appropriate government agencies.


Having a secure platform for the full service engagement of all financial services directly accessed through on integrated system, allows for a much more secure and confident transaction between customer, vendor and supplier.

The ease of access to certifiably secure transactions lessens the risk of loss at each level of the transaction. Users are empowered, operators are empowered and Government Agencies are more confident in assuring their collection of taxes and fees while secure in the function of financial interactions.

Operators have the benefit of establishing deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customer base. As such, the operators' ability to enhance their revenue generating capabilities is much greater with the full access to the suite of financial services provided by our vast networked platform. This enables full creative expansion within any sector to a retail operator of which these facilities may choose to engage.

Another Company goes Public with Medical Marijuana Research

Cannex Therapeutics assets have been acquired by Gulf Onshore, Inc. Cannex will continue development of its medical cannabis-based pharmaceutical products. Cannex Therapeutics is a privately owned California group founded and operated by Medical Cannabis pioneer and entrepreneur Steven W. Kubby ( The asset purchase agreement includes all intellectual property rights, formulas, patents, trademarks, client base, hardware and software pertaining to Cannex's pharmaceutical cannabis research & development business.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Not Legalize Marijuana?

Isn't about time we stopped being so righteous and admitted that a big mistake was made when they legalized alcohol and made marijuana illegal. How many lives have been lost to the bottle, while there still is not significant evidence that marijuana kills. From studies conducted, they have found that marijuana actually makes you slow down, so you can actually respond better. And this is not to mention all the medical benefits.

There are so many articles out there that prove this "plant" has more positive properties than negative ones. The only thing we have to do now is to get those conservative minds to accept it. It is always hard to admit you are wrong, especially when you have been at WAR with what you thought were drugs. Think again. Marijuana is not a drug, it is a medicinal plant. I can not find or think of one instance where someone reported a marijuana overdose. At worse case scenario, you smoke yourself into a stupor and don't want to get up. But if moderation is applied, it can be a very creative experience.

Just think of all the products that could be made from legal marijuana crops. Fabric, paper, oil, and many many other "cash" crop products. Of course this would mean that taxes would be applied, but I would rather pay taxes than fines.

I heard on a video today that the government could gain over $17Bil by legalizing marijuana. That should bail out somebody. It is legal in Holland and they have no more crime that when it was not legal.

Medical Marijuana Inc. - Goes to the Stock Market

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is the first company in the medical marijuana business to enter the public stock market in US history. Their stock went from 25 cents to 90 cents the day they made the name change. I believe that buying stock in that company is a vote for the legalization of medical marijuana.

The current symbol is CVIV (until NASDAQ issues them their new symbol in about a week). Here is a link to a press release:

The shares are scheduled for a share split. Anyone who buys shares in Medical Marijuana, Inc. (by buying under the symbol from their stock broker) will have the benefit of a 10 to 1 share split as soon the “powers that be” give the green light. (pretty nice) It should be sometime this month.

If you're interested contact your stock broker. If enough people buy stock - we can monetize the American public’s desire to legalize medical marijuana and cause a "tipping point" to end the silly and illogical prohibition on medical marijuana. Please spread the word.