Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Medical Marijuana Inc. - Goes to the Stock Market

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is the first company in the medical marijuana business to enter the public stock market in US history. Their stock went from 25 cents to 90 cents the day they made the name change. I believe that buying stock in that company is a vote for the legalization of medical marijuana.

The current symbol is CVIV (until NASDAQ issues them their new symbol in about a week). Here is a link to a press release:

The shares are scheduled for a share split. Anyone who buys shares in Medical Marijuana, Inc. (by buying under the symbol from their stock broker) will have the benefit of a 10 to 1 share split as soon the “powers that be” give the green light. (pretty nice) It should be sometime this month.

If you're interested contact your stock broker. If enough people buy stock - we can monetize the American public’s desire to legalize medical marijuana and cause a "tipping point" to end the silly and illogical prohibition on medical marijuana. Please spread the word.

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