Monday, March 29, 2010

Medical Marijuana Goes the Way of Prohibition

Seems like the End of Prohibition of Marijuana is coming closer to reality. With California setting the exammple of forward thinking to include it on the ballot, I am sure that more states may follow. It does offer a huge revenue potential for states. The following is an excerpt from an article published on the State Column site: (CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL STORY)....

Like prohibition of the 1920s, it looks as if medical marijuana may become a footnote of the past.

States are ramping up efforts to legalize the drug in an effort to balance budgets and regulate the narcotic. Last week, California became the first state to approve signatures supporting a measure for the November ballot. Unlike in years past, the approved measure will seek to legalize the drug outright and allow users to carry up an ounce. Advocates argue the measure would raise $1.4 billion and save precious law enforcement and prison resources.

And the movement is not confined to California. A number of states including New Hampshire and Washington are considering measures meant to increase access to the drug. The state of Colorado is pushing forward a measure meant to make medical marijuana dispensaries registration more accessible. And in the District of Columbia, elected officials are trying to learn from what they consider cautionary tales from other jurisdictions as they attempt to craft a program that strikes a delicate balance.


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