Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hemp Network Provides Update on Industrial Hemp Production

Medical Marijuana Inc (Pinksheets:MJNA - News) announces that its division, The Hemp Network®, has made an agreement with a Guatemalan Cooperative for the production and manufacture of Hemp-related products.

The Cooperative in Guatemala has contracted the facilities required to turn our Hemp into finished products including textiles, construction materials, paper products, foodstuffs, shoes, purses, hammocks, and other finished hemp products. All items will be top quality, specialty hand-made goods, not mass produced, in order to further enhance our efforts supporting local communities.

These products will be entirely made by hand. Female artisans will be specially trained to work with hemp. Their salaries will help to make them independent and self-sufficient members of society -- and bring commerce to rural areas that are isolated from major cities. With a variety of goods being produced, there will be education, schools and increased commerce to remote areas. This is a social program endorsed by the Guatemalan Government.

President Don Steinberg stated, "This is not marijuana being grown in Guatemala. This is 'Industrial Hemp,' a product that was cultivated in Guatemala for many years. Guatemalan artisans are noted for fashioning Hemp into fine products that have been available in the world market. Hemp is a plant currently cultivated legally in countries such as Canada and Romania. We are proud to be associated with this project that will bring economic benefit to the fine people of Guatemala."

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