Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bruce Perlowin is making news AGAIN!

Bruce Perlowin has long been know as the KING OF POT. That is since he was caught in the 80's and convicted as the largest marijuana smuggler in history. If you look at his story ( you will see the genius behind the operation.

Now Bruce Perlowin is creating history again with the first publically traded company Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA) in the medical marijuana industry. The company offers a payment solution and tax remittance card which collects the taxes on a daily basis, making it simple for compliance with government regulations. Check out the company, Medical Marijuana, Inc. at:

Others are now starting to tell the story and bring attention to Bruce Perlowin's genius activities. (

Now would be a good time for people who want a good investment in this edgy time, to buy at least $420 of stock in this company. There are now 13 states in which medical marijuana is legal and this is just the beginning. The revenues that can be achieved from a cash crop like marijuana are staggering. So many wonderful products can be produced from hemp, not to mention the benefits of medical marijuana.


  1. Thank god that we have a person like Bruce Perlowin.A man who cares about helping patients,and building businesses to help america.

  2. I have known Bruce for many years and the entire time I have known him he has always had charities and humanity in the forefront of his business model, from his devotion to the "Cando Kids" to many other ventures to help Kids and starving people, Now his dream will be able to be fulfilled as well as helping many of us that refuse to take poisonous chemicals from the drug industry for ailments the Medical herb can help. Thank you, Bruce, for helping clean up and protect an industry that is needed by all.