Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cannabis Hemp: Is the oldest plant known to man future-proof too?

It will come as absolutely no surprise to some, that in 1971, the year British Petroleum took out the largest bank loan in history to finance its offshore oil explorations (a statistic which still stands today), the serving British government implemented the Misuse of Drugs act. A law which would take away the cannabis plant from those that need it most, forever.

Ever since, successive governments have told the wider population how bad cannabis is for us. Indeed the evidence delivered through a carefully crafted press campaign which spans almost a century, has been delivered with such force and magnitude, the very mention of the word 'Cannabis'
these days brings about much sharp-intaking-of-breath, accompanied by lots of nudge's and wink's. But does it really deserve the bad rap it gets in the press?

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