Monday, May 4, 2009

Medical Marijuana Inc Patents Solution to a Taxing Problem

It is doubtless one of the largest stumbling blocks in the 'normalization' of the fast-growing American medical marijuana industry. Namely, how does Uncle Sam get his share of the big green pie?

But an entrepreneur from the United States has come up with a solution which he says, will not only make sure every dime bag sold pays into the cash-starved US administration, but it will also protect the people who are putting themselves in the firing line. Business people across the US who provide safe access facilities for the 25 million some-odd US citizens in 13 states, who have access to medical cannabis with a doctors recommendation.

Medical Marijuana Inc.

Bruce Perlowin is the CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc. A company which has come up with the solution to the problem, and it has recently filed a provisional patent application to protect its new concept.

The concept? To provide the ongoing management for what it calls its 'stored value platform'.

After filing for a provisional patent based on a revolutionary invention which its said, creates a solution in the tax remittance sector of the medical marijuana industry, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has now finalized the last two steps in bringing this product to a market place which is desperate for such a financial solution.

By finishing up the agreements with Club Vivanet to provide their processing platform and processing bank, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is now ready to take their tax solution to the Medical Marijuana dispensaries and collectives. The front line troops.

Club Vivanet's processing license allows Medical Marijuana Inc the flexibility to implement their newly created Point of Sale system, which will provide for the settlement of state and local taxes on the sale of medical marijuana. A market set to be worth a billion dollars PDQ.

Medical Marijuana Inc is set to start Beta testing its revolutionary payment platform beginning in June 2009. Which will include card production, card loading, hardware additions and ACH settlement to the depository bank and operating/tax bank accounts.

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