Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Medical Marijuana Inc. - Taking the First Step in Med MJ Business Consolidation

Medical Marijuana, Inc (OTC: MJNA) is happy to announce that it has signed the first Memorandum of Understanding with a marijuana collective in Southern California to use Medical Marijuana, Inc’s patent pending, stored value, tax remittance card. Bruce Perlowin, CEO of MJNA says, “This is just the beginning of a massive marketing program to educate the dispensary owners to the benefits of this program. There are close to 1000 dispensaries in California today that our Master Agents have begun contacting regarding utilizing our card. With 14 states now going through a process to permit medical marijuana in their state, MJNA is set to capture a good piece of this market as states continue to permit medical marijuana. With revenue in the 4% area, and with the average dispensary doing 1 million dollars a year in sales, we project substantial earnings”.

This follows our business plan which includes the Stored Value Card for tax remittance, a merchandising division to promote many of the cannabis related products, clothing lines, distribution, and the testing platform which we hope will standardize the industry with quality control.

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