Monday, May 4, 2009

Medical Marijuana Inc - Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

It would be fair to say Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc, (NASDAQ 'MJNA'), is something of an enigma. On the one hand the future looks extremely bright for him. In case you've been living under a rock, Perlowin has recently patented the first medical marijuana tax collection system in the world.

A debit card based concept, which deducts a person's state tax liability at source. Meaning not only is the medical marijuana dispensary owner covering his tail from the unwanted attentions of the federal bullies who are doing everything in their power to curtail the legitimate trade in medical marijuana, but the patient himself can be assured he is buying his medicine from a medical marijuana dispensary which is doing everything in its power to abide by the confusing 'state versus federal' medical marijuana laws which apply in thirteen US states currently, (it could be fourteen states - like I said, its confusing).

Rules and regulations, which it seems, are tied up in so much red tape and bureaucracy as to make them unfathomable even to District Attorney's and Senior Court Judges alike. And when you add the fact Perlowin’s company recently became public stock, which is listed, and trading healthily on the NASDAQ, allied to the fact Medical Marijuana Inc stock is attracting interest from Australia and New Zealand, Europe and Asia, as well as the emerging United States medical marijuana markets, "bright" would be a term which would sum up Bruce Perlowin’s future quite nicely.

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