Friday, October 23, 2009

Commerce Online launches pre-paid debit, ID card for medical marijuana

Palm Beach, Fla., Oct. 21, 2009 -- Commerce Online Inc. (Pinksheets: CMIB - News) ( ), a leading company specializing in both bricks and mortar and online merchant payment solutions, today announced the initial launch of a branded, pre-paid debit and ID card for licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives operating within the states of California and Colorado.

"The Commerce branded, pre-paid debit and ID card will be marketed through our new Collective Card Services division, and may be loaded to any denomination of funds through a PCI compliant gateway, via the Internet, POS system or PayPal Account by the member of the collective or medical dispensary . Members of each collective will be provided a card as a registered member. The card will have a photo id, and act as a pre-paid debit card branded and recognized by the collective. Funds may be transferred by the registered user via internet, POS, or mobile phone. In case of theft or loss, the card may be cancelled immediately through an 800 number provided or online. The card will also act as the Collective member's identification having Picture ID, medical id number identifying him/her as a collective member, the collective name, and expiration date of membership. With recent economic issues and more stringent requirements within the banking industry, many Americans may no longer have or qualify for a credit card or checking account to pay for essential needs or medical services and do not want to exchange or carry large amounts of cash to these locations. The Commerce Online "GreenCard" will essentially be the logical choice as a low cost, effective cash alternative to regulated medical marijuana industry", further stated Mr. Gotshalk.


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