Saturday, October 10, 2009

If History Repeats - Buy This Stock!

I am a shareholder of MJNA. I have known Bruce Perlowin since the early 90's and worked with him in several of his companies. Bruce is what I call a true pioneer. He gets into an industry early and positions the company as a leader simply by being there first and marketing on a very personal level. While others are still thinking about it, Bruce is already providing solutions.

In the medical marijuana industry, Bruce is called the "King of Pot" because of his historically large enterprise. But this time,he is doing it legally. His company, Medical Marijuana, Inc. provides payment solutions and a tax remittance system. This can help dispensaries to be in full compliance with the current tax laws. In addition, the stored value system provides other functionalities that benefit the dispensaries, such as customer loyalty, cashless transactions and more.

As the debate over medical marijuana heats up, it seems apparent that it is just a matter of time before this prohibition ends and it becomes a booming industry. MJNA has already planted its foot as an industry leader. I recommend to buy this stock while it is still affordable.

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