Friday, October 23, 2009

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Launches Seminar and Training Program in Ukiah, CA

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is currently offering free Informational Seminars in Mendocino County, CA. These two hour seminars will be held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the remainder of 2009 at 7:00 PM at the Discovery Inn, 1340 N. State St., Ukiah, in the Corporate Room hosted by MJNA’s, CEO and “King of Pot”, Bruce Perlowin, who was featured in CNBC's most watched television documentary "Marijuana, Inc.". Additionally, beginning November 6&7, 2009 and every weekend after that MJNA will be conducting a series of two day paid seminars ($420 for the weekend course) in the Landmark Room at the Discovery Inn.

Among significant topics to be covered in the weekend courses are clarification of State, City and County laws and ordinances governing Medical Marijuana collectives in regards to dispensaries and cultivation. This is tied into Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s transparent patent pending Tax Remittance Card and Closed Loop Inventory Tracking System to ensure total compliance. Also discussed are the cottage industries that will sprout from the core medical marijuana industry beyond cultivation and collectives such as; cannabis kitchens and various franchises, testing facilities, distribution and logistics, delivery services, security and more. Dozens of other topics related to running any business – from internet marketing, advertising and media exposure, to trademarks, patents and proper accounting protocols – will also be taught in the weekend courses.

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