Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cannabis Career Institute C.C.I.

C.C.I. is helping people find a new career in America's most exciting new industry. MEDICAL MARIJUANA. The Institute helps to position you and take advantage of today's newest and fastest growing market, changing the way people think about Medical Cannabis.

They offer different courses to suit everyone's individual needs. Check the website for details on classes and seminars. The Main Seminar focuses on Starting A Business In The Medical Marijuana Industry not only in California but in any state that has passed laws allowing the Medical Marijuana Patient Program.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. provides a turnkey, simple payment system that makes is easy to be in compliance. Medical Marijuana, Inc. is the first publically traded company (OTC: MJNA) to provide business solutions. They are well ahead of the curve in forseeing the huge opportunity, but more importantly, the product solves many problems with this cash business. Check them out at

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