Monday, August 3, 2009

Is it time to tax medical pot?

Sales at Sebastopol’s Peace in Medicine are not subject to disclosure, but the dispensary serves 10,800 clients, Jacob said. A second location is being developed at 950 Gravenstein Highway south.

Sebastopol City Councilwoman Kathleen Shaffer said the time is ripe to talk about taxation. “I would like to see it legalized and taxed at this point,” she said. “What Oakland has done will probably benefit the community.”

Sebastopol Police Chief Jeff Weaver said the dispensary has not created additional crime. It was the target of an unsuccessful armed burglary in May, but the city also had bank and armored car robberies this year.

When it comes to the city’s budget and funding for basic services, such as police, the community will have to decide, he said. “The community has to decide whether it’s comfortable with marijuana as a source of income. Same as they would have to be comfortable with a casino or some other non-traditional source of money,” he said.

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