Monday, August 17, 2009

Medical Marijuana Inc. in Forbes

In Rachel Ehrenfeld's article about ObamaCare's Medical Marijuana, she mentions Medical Marijuana Inc. as having a solution for tax remittance. But she misses her facts or should we say that she has selected medical studies that support her point of view on medical marijuana. Why didn't she post the medical studies on pharmaceuticals, that show the damage those drugs do to people, like liver and kidney failure? She totally neglected to mention all of the people who it helps, like those terminally ill, or suffering from other aliments.

Here is what I consider to be the most important truth she wrote in that article. If you care to read the full story click on the title.....

Since Obama took office, "medical marijuana" dispensary owners in some of the 15 states where it's legal, or tolerated, report requests "climbed sky high." Medical Marijuana, Inc. ( MJNA.PK - news - people ), an Oregon-based company, which has been traded on the Nasdaq since April of 2009, offers solutions for this emerging industry. Its Web site claims that "the number of ailing people turning to medical marijuana to ease their symptoms has spiked in 2009. Requests have jumped anywhere from 50% to 300%."

In California, where medical marijuana is already legal, a massive campaign is underway to legalize all uses of the drug. Soros and other pro-drug legalization organizations claim that tax revenues from marijuana sales would fill the empty coffers of the state with at least $1.4 billion for the first year. The more users, the more money for the state.

A revenue collection system is already in place to ensure the tax revenues for the states that allow "medical marijuana." The system, developed by Medical Marijuana, Inc., boasts, "The Stored Value Platform System, a point-of-sale system, is a hallmark element of Medical Marijuana's business solutions package." The company has already signed on many marijuana collectives, and lobbies heavily to sign on the City of Oakland, Calif., which is the first city in the nation that voted in favor of collecting tax proceeds from marijuana sale, "as part of the solution to Oakland's longstanding budget shortfall."

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