Thursday, September 10, 2009

Medical Marijuana Raids, But No Answers Yet

The District Attorney's Office is expected to announce the results of the undercover operation at 10 a.m.

More than a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries were raided in a chaotic scene Wednesday. Authorities scheduled a 10 a.m. press conference today to announce the results of an undercover operation -- but would give no further details on the raids until then.

“Help me, help me, I am being arrested,” one man said as he was handcuffed in his wheelchair at Hillcrest Compassion Care. One-by-one employees of the medical marijuana dispensary were arrested. “Help me up, I need help. My leg is busted, I need help,” another man said as he was arrested. At least four people were taken into custody, according to volunteers.

“The police came in and raided us and told us to get our hands up, pushed us against the wall, started handcuffing people. All they said was that they had a search warrant, but they didn't tell us what is was for,” Sara Sanders said.

There were more arrests at another raid in Pacific Beach at 929A on Turquoise Street and boxes of evidence were confiscated.

At the same time, law enforcement stormed Nature's in Linda Vista. Witnesses said that officers had guns drawn and bashed the door in.

"They put me against the wall, and did a search. I ended up cuffed before they even checked my bag and I am a med patient with a legal card. So, I felt like I was harassed by being cuffed," medical marijuana patient Stacey Gant said.

Volunteers say the raids are unnecessary and that they are abiding by the law. “We have a lot of patients that are ailing and they need medicine and that’s what we are here for, doing this, doing the right thing by what the voters of San Diego, California decided on,” marijuana dispensary volunteer Booker Sanders Jr. said.

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