Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pope of Pot and Desolation of Obama Nation

LOS ANGELES /California Newswire/ — President Obama promised medical marijuana patients that their cannabis collectives would be protected as long as they followed state law. That should have included another caveat too because it seems raids on cannabis dispensaries have not stopped. Beverly Hills Green Cross’ Craig X Rubin, is the creator of the on-line marijuana school, Craig X Academy, a school teaching people around the globe how to profit from California’s recent “Green Rush,” the move of thousands of people participating in the new medical marijuana economy of the Golden State. Rubin says, “Obama’s wishes are not being obeyed. The government is targeting cannabis collective owners who are speaking out against the government.”

The Web site Profitfrompot.com is a lead-in page to his Academy, a marketing tool, but this tool has led to some problems for Mr. Rubin with the Los Angeles City government. The City is using his legal business, a serious business school for people wishing to profit in a sagging economy, as evidence or reasoning behind taking away his church’s operating permit.

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