Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twitter High: California Group Sells Medical Marijuana Online

Artists Collective, a non-profit California medical marijuana delivery service, is now Twittering out its goods, and all it takes to get high is a doctor's note. They've got everything from brownies to blunts and the delivery is free. Rather than whispering "weed" to passersby, the solicitation is like this:

ArtistsCollectve BB Kush, NY Soma, SD Strom, Forrest G, Green C, Baby Crunch, Spy Diesel, buy 1/4 get gram free. Baked goods, Grams, Joints avail.

4:06 PM Jun 29th from web

Dann Halem, 34, started the project about 18 months ago to raise money for California artists, and it's entirely legal, under California's medical marijuana laws. However, the Artists Collective could still be raided at any time by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents. Medical marijuana operations are still technically in violation of federal law, despite being legalized by more than a dozen states.


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