Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reefer-A-Friend is Master Agent for Medical Marijuana Inc.'s Tax Remittance Card In SF

Medical Marijuana Inc.'s master agent Reefer-A-Friend is offering the new patented tax management system to all medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, co-ops, and delivery services. They claim that now you don’t have to worry about raids or local officials anymore.

Currently in in the BETA phase, the master agent has 6 more FREE set-ups to provide for interested parties. The system manages the accountants and directs the appropriate fees to the designated agency accounts, making compliance a breeze. The dispensary can have an image of their store or business logo on the front of the card, to promote customer loyalty.

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For more details please e-mail:, or visit the website at:, or call Brett at (650)290-0789.


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